Pinnacle Entertainment Cautiously Planning Future Casinos

The Atlantic City Press has reported that global casino operator, Pinnacle Entertainment, remains committed to taking their time at constructing their proposed $1.5 billion casino resort in Atlantic City. Planned to go up where the Sands Casino Hotel used to have their doors opened, Pinnacle says the mega resort will open in 2011 at the earliest, with a possibility of a grand opening taking place in 2012.

Pinnacle Entertainment has been faced with difficult times, largely due to the seemingly never-ending string of problems at their new St. Louis downtown casino, Lumiere Palace, which has been overrun with construction miscalculations. Now estimated at $495 million, the Lumiere Palace Casino had an initial price tag of $430 million. However, due to unforeseen construction costs, the dent in Pinnacle’s pocketbook has been growing. Lumiere Palace is scheduled to open their doors in downtown St. Louis before 2008.

Pinnacle Entertainment Cautiously Planning Future CasinosAs for Pinnacle Entertainment’s property in Atlantic City, which the company purchased from Las Vegas Sands in November of last year for $250 million, the work has hardly begun. But already, Pinnacle has discovered new ways of saving on costs. For one, all of the casino card tables and slot machines that came stocked inside the Sands Casino Hotel will be used at other Pinnacle Entertainment casinos throughout North America.

Pinnacle Entertainment already owns and operates casinos in Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, the Bahamas and Argentina, while the proposed site in the heart of the Atlantic City boardwalk will mark Pinnacle’s entrance into Atlantic City.

Casino Card Shuffling Methods

If playing a multi-deck casino game in a land-based gambling establishment, you will likely be playing with one of three shuffling methods. In other words, the dealer will use one of three methods to shuffle the cards to insure fairness and randomness.

Obviously, manual shuffling is when the dealer physically picks up the cards with his or her own hands. In more modern casinos you will never see manual shuffling, but will see shuffling done by machines, which brings me to the second method of shuffling cards – an automatic shuffling machine. This is a separate machine that shuffles the cards, which the dealer takes and then places in a shoe to begin playing with.

The third type of card shuffling is also done with a machine, and goes a step further. In addition to shuffling the cards, a Continuous Shuffling Machine (as it is called) dispenses newly shuffled cards to the dealer each time he of she needs one to deal. When the dealer immediately places a discard into the machine, (which serves as a shoe in a way) it is automatically shuffled, thus alleviating any delays or erroneous card shuffles.