World first patented technology, measuring the most comprehensive range of biomechanical data available today, including unique three-dimensional force measurements, muscle activation, joint loadings, full body position alignment and orientation.


More than a Portable Biomechanics Lab  

REALM’s sensors and software merge data sets while tracking the user’s full body movements, measuring the position, acceleration, orientation and power of those movements. This allows for highly accurate movement analysis.

Applicable to a wide range of human movement leaders including Orthopedic Specialists, Physical Therapists, Athlete Performance Analysts and Workplace Injury Risk Assessors. 

Create new gold standards in prevention, assessment, identification and recovery.



REALM's Data Platform can be customized to suit the specific needs of different organizations. Different fields and populations will require different uses of the data. With collaboration any number of tests, applications, analytical tools and user interfaces can be created. 



Performance data is collected on REALM’s Data Platform where it can be tracked and analyzed to help predict specific future outcomes as well as general biomechanical health for individuals and larger populations.



The technology has been developed over an 8 year period, initiated by a UK University with over USD 10 million dollars of R&D. Our team includes Biomechanics Professors and Software Developers, Medical Professors and Physiotherapists.

The Realm system works with wireless inertial and optical sensors.


      Modular Sensor Technology
      3-axis accelerometer
      3-axis magnetometer
•    3-axis gyroscope
•    Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
•    8 hours battery life
•    Microsoft Kinect Camera
•    Cross Platform



We would like to work with the leading organizations in Health & Medical, Defence, Sports, Fitness, The Work Place & Insurance with an aim to work via partnership agreements as we tailor this technology relevant to your specific needs.



Matt Long
CEO Co-Founder

Rayni Gauci