Casino Ladies Night IV another success

Ladies Night IV tournament has a new winner this week as the winning prize was won by Joanne “JJ” Liu. The Ladies Night IV tournament World Poker Tour was convened in California at the Bell Gardens Bicycle Casino. Ms. Liu’s winnings came in the form of her winning a $25,000 seat at the World Poker Tour’s Championship Event as well as a World Poker Tour ring.

Casino Ladies Night IV another success

The actress Jennifer Tilly was the defending Ladies Night champion. She ended up being the first player to be eliminated, ironically by the amateur player, Kelli Griggs. Griggs also beat out Vanessa Rousso through her aggressive play. From the big blind she went all-in on a T-T-6 flop, apparently assuming that her K6 was good. Nevertheless she was hit head on by Griggs’ triple ten flop.

This was followed by the elimination of Anahit Galajian and Erica Schoenberg by Liu. All of this ended up in a head to head match between Griggs and Lui, coming after only three hours of final table play. Keeping in line with the pace having been set, Lui got rid of Griggs in just over 20 minutes.

With this big win, the number of victories achieved by “JJ” Liu at large poker tournaments lately, comes to 45, in all of which she finished with a large winning. All together she has made over $750,000 during this time. Being of Asian ancestry it may be assumed that there is even greater opportunities coming her way and even bigger money to be acquired through sponsorships and endorsements. Judging from her hard [lay and dedication, these are rewards that are well deserved, especially in light of the control and professionalism that she has demonstrated. And for her excessive talents.

Ameristar Casinos Buys Resorts East Chicago for $675 Million

The Nevada based casino company with a particular panache for the mid-western market has expanded its reach into the ripe for the picking Chicago metro market. That’s right. The ever accessible Ameristar Casinos Inc. has purchased the Resorts East Chicago from Resorts International Holdings LLC for six hundred and seventy-five million dollars in a deal that is expected to finish up by fourth quarter, 2007. With casinos in Nevada, Missouri, Colorado and Indiana, this will be Ameristar’s first casino in Illinois.

Ameristar has big plans for the casino, the least of which will be more parking spaces and an upgrade on all of the resort’s non-gaming facilities. The bulk of their planned $200 million expansion (putting Ameristar’s buy-in at nearly $1 billion), is for what Ameristar does best: Casino gambling. Once the deal has been finalized, the company will begin construction to double the size of the current casino. This would give Resorts East Chicago 4,000 additional slot machines and 120 more table games.

Ameristar President and CEO, John Boushy, referred to the Chicago casino gaming market, as “extremely attractive” and “diverse”. Considering it now brings in over $2.5 billion in annual casino gambling revenue, Chicago is surprisingly the third largest gaming market in the U.S. (only behind Atlantic City).

For most non-Midwesterners, this may come as surprising news. Perhaps this is why some casino gaming analysts are a little unsure about the Chicago market and Ameristar, who on the contrary, is looking forward to unveiling their first Chicago gaming property in 2010.