Excessive Online Poker Marketing or Simply an Old Fashioned Scam?

Carl Valentine who in a bizarre bet sought  support visits in order to save his finger from being amputated, was called by an online poker player, and his ploy has turned out to be a scam to attract traffic.Excessive Online Poker Marketing or Simply an Old Fashioned Scam

The  SaveMyFinger first made its appearance sometime last year, acting as an appeal to visitors for help for “Valentine”. By April 18th 2006, the site had attracted 2 million visitors with the intent of saving him from having to meet the terms of a wager in which his right index finger was the wager.

It transpired this week, just as many had already suspected, that the whole affair was a scam. The anonymous webmaster discounted this deliberate deception as being a simple marketing experiment which was directed at taking advantage of the sympathy of online poker players in order to create major traffic for the site, and the rewards that presumably would flow from that in terms of advertising and exposure.

While dismissing this Carl Valentine deception as being just a funny story, the less than honest webmaster made known that the point behind the  was literally to carry out an experiment with regard to Viral Marketing. He made it known that he was happy to announce that it was his estimation that the experiment had worked. It was his intent to prove through this experiment that it is possible to set up a  and virtually within days, or even hours, already be getting massive numbers of hits.

The unnamed webmaster boasts that altogether there were a total of 1.601.255 unique visitors that accessed SaveMyFinger since its being launched on December 12, 2005.

Belle Rock Online Casinos to Give Away New Porsche Roadster

Belle Rock Gaming is in the news once again now that their latest promotion is in full swing. It is not too often that an online gaming group gives away a new sports car, yet that is precisely what Belle Rock is doing come February 5, 2007.

From now until January 28, 2007, Belle Rock Gaming will be taking entries from players vying for a chance to win a brand new Porsche Roadster. Following their last giveaway of an Orange County Chopper, the Porsche Roadster further contribute to Belle Rock’s reputation as a gaming group offering the best comps on the Web.

All four of Belle Rock’s Microgaming online casinos are participating in the promotion, which include Lucky Nugget Casino , River Belle, Jackpot City and Gaming Club. Belle Rock, whose parent company is Carmen Media, is one of the most widely recognized online gaming networks using Microgaming software. Consisting of five online casinos, three poker rooms and two sportsbooks (one of which is all-in-one gambling site, Betway), Belle Rock has a formidable presence on the Web – one which this latest promotion is sure to foster even more.

The way the promotion works is that account holders at any of the online casinos will be able to enter a drawing ticket into the competition for every five-hundred chips wagered at any of the games on Belle Rock’s Microgaming platform, including all of the progressive jackpot games.

Entries into the competition are unlimited to every player, while further tickets can be obtained by using any one of Belle Rock’s preferred deposit methods like Click2Pay, Neteller, FirePay, PaySpark, Citadel, InstaDebit or MoneyBookers.