Internet Gambling Report Released

Casino City Press has announced that the 8th edition of the Internet Gambling Report is now available. This report is very popular with online casino gamblers.

The annual Internet Gambling Report has been a great resource for online casino gambling since 1997. The new online casino reporting document has over 600 pages of online casino information from the gaming market’s top legal advisors from spin palace. The report offers the latest coverage of the online gaming industry. It has an introductory section for new online casino gamblers and provides information on the gaming market’s current situations.

Many online casino players like to read the articles regarding new and important legal and social issues. Some casino players in the online world like to check out the latest details regarding gaming technology and business aspects that the report also covers.

Many consider this yearly publication to be an informative tool covering just about all the hottest Internet issues. Casino City Press is pleased with the publication and plans to keep it around for a long time.

This issue discusses the significant areas of concern for the online casino gaming industry that have achieved national attention over the past year. Some of the hot topics covered in detail are funding, games with skill, cross boarder wagering, and even person to person wagering.

At Australian Group Marketing Is Concentrating On Hold On To Existing Clientele

Internet Gambling Report ReleasedFinancial results for the year ending June 2007 for Centrebet the Australian bookmaker, have been made known. The report shows an outstanding growth in revenues of 26 percent, reaching A$58.9 million over the amount at this time last year of A$47 million. Pre-tax profits, which stood at A$2.million in 2006, rose to A$12.5 million. There was a slight improvement in the forecasted after tax net profits which reached A$11.8 million.

Compared with the same period for last year, the EBITDA numbers indicated a rise to A$14.5 million, an increase of 45 percent. The company is now preparing for the 2008 year and the directors are expecting to see growth in the range of 10 to 15 percent.

There was also an increase in wagering turnover which pushed wagering revenues up from A$40.2 million to A$47.1 million, an increase of 17 percent.

The situation for Centrebet’s casino and poker revenues has turned out to be especially healthy. Combining A$7.1 million on casinos and A4.7 million for poker, the increase has been a very significant 85 percent, reaching a total of A$11.86 million. When considering the third party technical troubles the company went through, preceding its May 2007switch to the Orbis-Openbet platform, this achievement becomes even more remarkable.

Marketing concentrated on keeping existing clients and increased spending to spend A$7.4, devoting A$1.5 to this issue of client retention, and also generating A$4.8 million in incremental revenue.

At the same time the company board has indicated significant improvements in earnings, profit margins and profitability.