Millennium Gaming is looking for any angle to convince the state of Massachusetts

It is that allowing them to bring in slot machines is the best possible thing they could do for themselves. Co-CEO Bill Wortman has told lawmakers in the state that if they pass the bill allowing the expansion of gambling in the state that they would be able to bring in 3,000 slot machines at Rockingham Park. This would mean a substantial amount of money for the state, so it is an offer that should not be taken lightly. Wortman said that it would not take them more than a year to bring in the machines, which means the state would be looking at that increase in revenue fairly quickly strictly speaking.

The company is planning on not just bringing in slot machines, but they are also going to look to pay a $50 million license fee and invest $450 million in the track that is currently located there. They say that they would be able to keep the horse racing at the track, which means those jobs there would be saved, and more would be created from the bringing in of the slot machines to the track. It would appear to be a win-win for the state and for the company.

The bill is currently sitting in the House Ways

and Means subcommittee where they have asked for input from both sides of the coin to see how they might be able to bring in the games and how they might be able to balance the opinions on both sides.

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