Playtech Acquires Mahjong Games Bingo

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Playtech Acquires Mahjong Games

Turnkey provider Playtech has decided to provide exclusive licensing terms to Tanksoft Inc. Tanksoft Inc. is an expert in Mahjong gaming software which Playtech hopes will augment its growth into the Asian market.

The deal will permit Playtech by the end of 2006, to provide country specific versions of mahjong games by TankSoft.

Playtech Acquires Mahjong Games BingoAvira Zmora, the Playtech CEO says that the company has 11 sites that accommodate expressly the Asian market that have been asking for mahjong games from them. He says that they have been careful to find the best partner in this field in order to make certain that the quality of the products that our licensees have come to expect from Playtech are maintained. He says that in TankSoft the company believes that they have found that appropriate partner. By the end of 2006 they plan to add TankSoft’s functionality and market leading games to Playtech’s tried and tested core gaming platform. Furthermore he states that this, they believe, which will them to further penetrate the Asian market.

With its CEO, Dr Tai Up Kim having been involved in the game for more than 30 years, TankSoft has been developing Mahjong products since 2000.

Dr Kim is reported as saying that Playtech, among the many companies that approached them, was the only one that was familiar with the importance of the measures that need to be taken in order to completely exclude collusion and the various other features that make their games truly unique. He says that he believes that the combination of TankSoft’s reliable and dynamic games combined with Playtech’s greatly esteemed platform should result in a mahjong offering of world class merit.