Poker Author Challenge at Binion’s Las Vegas

Event organizers for the Poker Author Challenge being held at Binion’s Casino in Las Vegas have published a press release announcing the event is scheduled to take place. Taking place for the second time, the Poker Author Challenge brings together the most well-known and respected poker book authors, in addition to poker players seeking a chance to win some cash, meet other players, and perhaps go heads-up against their favorite author.

Book author, Sheree Bykofsky, is the primary organizer for the event. She expressed her excitement at having the tournament hosted by Binion’s, whose renowned poker room and casino sit in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Bykofsky even commented on the low room rates at Binion’s. With only a $125 entry fee, the Poker Author Challenge is certainly one of the most affordable tournaments in Las Vegas.

Poker Author Challenge at Binions Las VegasThe first Poker Author Challenge was held last year at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and was met with major success. Some 200+ players and 17 book authors participated, culminating in cash prizes for the top eighteen finishing players. A fun perk in the tournament was that players responsible for knocking out an author were entitled to two free books written by that author.

The upcoming tournament – less than a year later from the Atlantic City Author Poker Challenge – already has several recognizable names on the roster, including Lou Kreiger, Russ Fox, George Epstein, Gary Carson and Kathleen Watterson. Sponsors of the event include Woman Poker Player Magazine, Hold’em Radio, Susie Isaacs, Gambler’s Bookshop, Kensington Books and of course, Binion’s Casino.

Fundamentals of Let it Ride Basic Strategy

Let it Ride poker is a popular card game at both online casinos and land based casinos.

Going by the numbers, Let it Ride is a negative expectation casino game. (3.5% Casino Advantage) It cannot be played with any statistical strategy that will help to drastically lower the House Edge; However, it can be played with a general strategy suited to the rules of the games. If it is not, a casino player can lose their bankroll in no time at all.

A simple game to play, Let it Ride basically requires players to make four fundamental decisions:

1)How much to wager on the three betting circles

2)If one should place the $1 bonus bet or not

3)Letting the first bet ‘ride” or not

4)Letting the second bet ride or not.

Just from the get go, the first two questions should always be answered in the same way. As for how much should be wagered, always bet the minimum. At most casinos this is $5, although online casinos are more likely to offer lower amounts. Since Let it Ride is a negative expectation game, the less you risk, the longer you will hold out. Also, you will not have to deal with aggregate payout limits.